About us

A healthy living space ideally meant for elders who need a place to unwind and be on their own. This peaceful locality has all the basic facilities required for easy living, at reachable distance.

As age catches on, priorities change, and an inner want to recieve protective care increases. Considering the genuine needs of the elderly among the society, we at Satsang understand and facilitate health guidance, nursing, get-togethers and other leisure activities.

Traditions talk about Satsang as a community of righteous and loving people. The community of elders who stay here shall be people who believe in mutual support, simple living and high thinking as the basis of a healthy and peaceful life.

Satsang has been conceived as a place for community-living among senior citizens, ideally of age 50 plus, who share the same values of life and firmly believe in doing something worthwhile in their present stage in life.