What does Satsang Mean?

It’s a Sanskrit word which denotes a gathering of loving and righteous people.

Why is this community living meant for elders?

It has become the need of the Indian society to support the growing community of the senior citizen of age group 50 and above. Most among this community are leading a lonely life and are forced to maintain large land areas and houses with difficulty. High level of insecurity is felt among the senior citizens with none to share the day to day burdens of life. Statistics taken by knowledgeable authorities show that, in next 10 years India shall have 173 million elderly citizens. Shortage of service providers adds on to the problem. Moreover the knowledge gained by them over the years, shall be left un-utilized, making them dull and inactive.

Our Government is aware of this social issue. Unfortunately, the issue of population and its demand is so high that only a combined private participation and public involvement can solve this social issue effectively, on time.

How do elders benefit from Satsang?

Each elderly couple or single member living within this community receives a chance to be part of a community of like-minded friends of the closer age group. They benefit from the joint family system that gives space to share and live with security. Occasional visits from family and friends shall be managed jointly with the support of the service staff. This system would facilitate in reducing the hassles of maintaining large area and service staff all by one self. Sharing would also reduce idling of assets, time, and enable to engage in more positive actions while being part of a group of like-minded friends.

What does the Satsang Shared Privileges (SSP) mean and how would it function?

SSP shall cater to the three major aspects of life:
1. Health.
2. General Care.
3. Knowledge and skill sharing.
Satsang shall have a central service team that shall cater to the day to day needs of the co-owners Satsang shall have a central medical service unit that shall have permanent nursing and health care personals guided by specialized visiting Doctors from lead hospitals To handle emergencies and critical health disorders that require specialized services, arrangement with established hospitals shall be made.

When one among the community requires close monitoring and special care they shall be shifted to the central nursing care area and provided special attention with dietary support. There shall be provision to manage at least 5 patients at time in the central nursing unit, initially. The nursing personals and doctor shall also visit the elders with physical weakness at their place of stay once a week or as and when found necessary.

A well equipped kitchen shall function based on the co-owners dietary requirement The co-owners shall maintain their personal dwellings themselves and can take the support of the central team in case of emergency.

Senior Citizens are the knowledge base of the society. Unfortunately, life style change has been unable to utilize their wealth of knowledge. Here an attempt is being made to bring such minds together and put to proper use for the betterment of society.

Will Satsang support economically poor among the elders?

An attempt shall be made to provide living space for few select economically poor elders who have some skills that could be put to use for the community.

How can a person be part of Satsang Community?

1. Ownership : An elderly couple / individual can buy and own a cottage within the community.
2. They can take lifelong membership in the SSP society and avail its services.
3. They can sell or transfer their property, at will, to any other elderly couple / individual. It is necessary to sell it to elders only as the project is meant specifically for seniors among the society. M/s Bhumi, the developer shall provide the necessary support and guidance to conduct such a sale or transfer.

What is the building permit number?

Building permit no. BZ/TP/5177/14 dated 01-02-2016.

When will the project start and be operational?

The work has started in the January 2016 and expected to be operational in 24 months.

Is housing loan from banks available for the project?

Yes, Vijaya Bank is the official bank of M/s Bhumi and the Company shall provide the necessary support.