Cottages & Apartments

Satsang has been conceived as a place for community-living among senior citizens, ideally of age 50 plus, who share the same values of life and firmly believe in doing something worthwhile in their present stage in life.

Each elderly couple or single member living within this community receives a chance to be part of a community of like-minded friends of the closer age group. They benefit from the joint family system that gives space to share and live with security. Occasional visits from family and friends shall be managed jointly with the support of the service staff. This system would facilitate in reducing the hassles of maintaining large area and service staff all by one self. Sharing would also reduce idling of assets, time, and enable to engage in more positive actions while being part of a group of like-minded friends.

Type-A Independent Cottage (878 Sq ft)

All the rooms shall be moderate in size, with free light and air movement. The place is designed to enable wheelchair movement. Supportive ramps and railings shall be provided to make the place more convenient for the elderly.

Type-B Twin Cottage (690 Sq ft)

Each dwelling unit is compactly designed to accommodate a senior couple. Family members and occasional visitors can be accommodated in the guest rooms, if required. Based on the requirement and utilization, the actual cost for such services shall be shared by the members of the community.

Type-C Apartment - Three variants: (A-686 Sq ft), (B-575 Sq Ft), (C-576 Sq Ft)

Satsang shall have a central medical service unit that shall have nursing and health care personals guided by practicing Doctors on visit, from lead hospitals. Dr. Sarath Chandran, the mentor of this project, manages the RM Hospital, Beypore which is in close vicinity.


  • Foundation : RR Masonary
  • Superstructure : Composite structure with load bearing walls, RCC Slabs, Beams etc.
  • Living room : Rustic tile 60x60 cm
  • Bath rooms : Good quality anti-skid floor tiles. ( Designer tiles and washable paint finish for walls.)
  • Kitchen : Granite top with SS Sink.
  • Lobby and stairs : Matt finished designer tiles.
  • Windows: : Hardwood frames and shutters with protective grills.
  • DOOR
  • Front : Hardwood frames and shutters.
  • Internal : Hardwood frames with factory made shutters.
  • Sanitary Fittings : White wash basins and EWC - Cera or equivalent make. ( All CP items Jaquar or equivalent.)
  • Electrical Wiring : 3 Phased concealed wiring with copper cables of Finolex or equivalent, ELCB and MCB of MDS or equivalent make as necessary.
  • Switches : Modular switches and sockets.
  • Power backup : Provision for UPS/ Generator.
  • External Finishes : Exterior emulsion paint.
  • Internal Finishes : Emulsion over putty finished internal walls.
  • Water supply : Ground water/ Provision for KWA.
  • Railing : Support railing near steps/ bathrooms.
  • Ramp : Four Wheel Chair accessibility.